Raise Money with Girls Smell Great Candles.

Looking for a unique way to raise money for your organization? Let Girls Smell Great Candle Bar partner with your group or charity to help you raise some serious cash and make a real impact. Plan your fundraiser with Girls Smell Great and you will truly light up the town!

4 Ways to Fund Raise with Girls Smell Great:


CANDLE ORDER: You choose the candle containers and fragrances, then simply collect orders and payment. Candles are sold at retail, and we fill the orders for you at wholesale. The difference is the profit for your organization.


ONLINE FUNDRAISER: You can choose to do this option on it’s own or combine it with any of our other fundraising options to maximize your efforts.  Simply direct friends and family to our website to purchase any of our online products during the chosen dates of your fundraiser and give them your unique code. You will get 40% of their purchase. This is a great addition to our Candle Order option, for friends and family who are out of town and want to support your efforts.  They place their order and we take care of the shipping. (this option is not tax exempt)


BRANDED CANDLES: Utilize our private label option to customize a personalized fragrance blend for hand-poured candles. Add your own branding to create a truly unique product. Purchase at wholesale, sell at retail, and reap the profits for your group. Minimum order required.


MAKE SCENTS FUNDRAISER: Pick a day, and 20% of the sales from that day will go to your organization. Your job is to get friends, family, co-workers and fans to visit the store on that day and buy or make candles and gifts. You can even book a candle-pouring party on the day of your event to enhance sales. (minimum 8 people) The more people you bring in, the more money you raise! Be sure to tell people to mention the name of your group or fundraiser when checking out so we can give credit where it is due. We host in-store fundraisers Monday-Friday all year.

For more information or to book an event, call (901) 279-8024 or email