Private Label / Wholesale

Scent Your Business ~ Fragrance Your Event

People’s emotions are tied to smells. A custom branded candle allows people to take a piece of their experience with them and it creates a lasting impression. Let Girls Smell Great help you create a lasting smell for your business or event that leaves an impact.

For your business: privately branded candles are a great source of revenue. Girls Smell Great Candles are clean burning and good for the environment. They are a cost effective way to source locally, as well as an extension of branding.

For your event: custom blended candles with labeling unique to your event provide a fun gift, and a memory that will not be forgotten!

We Make This Easy For You

Simply schedule an appointment to come in and create your custom scent. We offer reasonable minimums and a variety of different containers to suit your look and price range.

We have a variety of items that we can customized for your brand and private labeled.  These are all sold at a wholesale price point.

Get in touch with us, and let’s get this process started! Call us at 901-279-8024 or email